Yoga is a major practice for mind and body, it gives mental and physical relief from stress and confusion. Hence we are presenting you the most lovely and wonderful quotes that inspire you and motivate you for being constant in your yoga exercise. Yoga quotes offer great instruction as well as inspiration for its lover.

Quotes about yoga can introduce the trick which is helpful for the people who want to be yoga masters. These yoga quotes have been written to give awareness as well as for fun for the new and early yoga master.

Some people love to do yoga-like daily food because they know the importance of exercise in their life. The aim of yoga does not only give shape to your body but also form your life, Yoga is not performed but is to live, refers to make you a perfect person without realizing the fact who is you and what you are.

Yoga is the name of delights used to relax your body and mind that is filled with enjoyment and a great source of freshness. These quotes are also very special for fresh yoga practitioners and can be used for wishing for their fresh and new start.

Yoga is a light that is lit once, never dim, do better practice to it up the flame.

The brightness of yoga will make your body shine and relax your mind.

The body needs movement to calm, the mind needs stillness to be active.

Yoga does not change the mind to see things but it changes the person who sees the things.

Sometimes in yoga, I feel graceful like a swan constant like an eagle.

Yoga is not for flexibility, but also willingness.

Yoga is a rhythm between breath, in and out.

Yoga is not a self-movement but also it’s self-acceptance.

Everything is connected as yoga exists.

Yoga is not a theory, nor philosophy but only practice.

Soul swings in yoga.

The relief from mental stress, yoga is your doctor.

Yoga is a journey from body to soul.

It’s your soul, not body that benefits from yoga

In yoga, the quality of your breath exposes your feelings.

The whole world is inside, just need a deep meditation to search it.

Yoga gives you a hearty peace that abolishes your rough impact of struggle.

Yoga gives unchangeable and irrefutable relief to your body and mind.

When I feel intense melancholy, I go through Yoga for relief.

The genuine destination of yoga is to create a feeling of gratitude.

Yoga works outside and brings fairness to the soul.

Health is wealth, but the greatest wealth is peace of mind, it’s yoga that shows the way.

Yoga is an inner exercise but shows its effects outwardly.

Yoga is an art that adores your body and soul.

Yoga is a peaceful breath that is heard by your body.

Yoga does not shape your body but shapes your mind.

The ways of high goals are always under your feet.

Silence is the answer to the question of your soul.

The art of yoga is the process of cleaning your soul.

Every cell of the body dances in yoga, with the music of your breath.

Yoga is freedom from the boring routine, it is a way to relax your body and mind.


The body gets relief from movement, and the mind gets benefits from stillness.

A body is your temple, make it clean with the broom of yoga.

The light of yoga enlightens the dark parts of your body.

Yoga is not a way of repetition of some posture in your body but also it is a way to adore up the hidden abilities of your life.

As you spend years in yoga, it enhances your period of life instead of decreasing.

Yoga is an activity to bring forth your stamina.

Yoga makes your day great

 The body becomes active and minds sharp in the rinse of yoga.

Yoga is not a process to change your outer world but also your inner self.

Yoga is a process to inhale positivity by exhaling negativity.

Yoga makes the body flexible, mind bearable.

Yoga is the name of self-acceptance instead of self- improvement.

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Yoga Quotes is a major practice for mind and body, it gives mental and physical relief from stress and confusion. well as inspiration for its lover.
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