Short Quotes For Him, These are attractive and exclusive words that are written for the special person of your lift who gives a shade of love and care in the hard bare realities of life. These are excellent and passionate words that can be used at all special events of life.


 Love is a mirror that reflects your needs.

Love is the name of peace,its’s not called love if it teases you

The storm of love is pacified by your sweet kisses.

The pain is removed with a single word of love.

My house becomes bright with your love.

 The wind is heavy with your passionate love.

The pains which meet in love are sweeter than the bitter realities of life.

We are loving birds that will die without love.

Love is more important than jewels.

Associations give life and detachment ends love.

Distribute love, it will come back to you in a perfect form.

Just forget everything and just give love, you will get a valuable place in life.

There is no love, there is no life.

I love you for the rest of my whole life.

Love is an inhaling mask that keeps me alive.

Love is a form of attachment with your loving partner.

The greatest emotion in life is love that keeps me alive.

Love makes the way of life beautiful.

You are my strength and protective zone.

The fire of love burns more than the naked sun.

Without you, I am like a withered flower.

The garden of my heart blooms with the spring of your smile.

Love can be felt, not seen.

My life is beautiful because of your love.

You are my Lord and I am your duchess.



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