Love Quotes For Her Love is the beautiful passion of the world and these 50 exclusive quotations have been set up for expressing your emotions and deep sentiments to your beloved or wife. These quotations are fraught with passion, emotions, and sentiments. The use of good words and denotes your feeling make your every moment very special and delightful. You can use these quotations for your special events like proposal, birthday, anniversary. Read and just have romantic love expression.


“Love is my strength and works like blood in my veins to make me able to be alive.”( N.SAHER)

“you not only for your perfection but also your all imperfection as a test of my perfection.

“If you care like offsprings, fight like children, share like loving once and afraid of losing”.

“I huge crowd of people but I am the whole world along with you, so I love you passionately, and depth of heart and soul.”

“The whole world is spin in one person, he becomes the whole world for you.”

“I fly with the wings of your love, you smile in my eyes and my heart filled delight, I love you beyond any limit. Folder Hippo”

“Someone dear to touch the depth of your heart and power to feel the shiny pleasure of eyes, its means your the perfect couple.”

“I sometimes my heart is jealous of my eyes”.

“When you reflect in my eyes, sitting front me”.

“Love is the name of sentimental and emotional attachment with someone who occupies your soul and his the image brings a shower of delight in your every gesture”.

“Our last and First love is self-love”. Antion

“If you want to feel the beautiful feeling of the world.”

“Just close your eyes and fraught your sensation of your loving one’s image”.

“Love is the name of the trust, faithfulness, care, and the soundness of each other”.

“The vital three things of love; Eyes that are tearless, lips that unknown from the word lie; and evergreen trust”. – Wiz Khalifa

“When I say love to you, its a new connection supply to renew our relationship with a deep feeling of your need”.

“I want you with all your drawbacks, imperfection and admire you for your perfection. – John Legend”.

“Your love gives me a reason for life,– Cassandra Clare”.

“Love works smoothly and swiftly but makes way heart to the soul”.

“I love you, you conquer my heart and your beautiful sight conquer my soul, just touch me, make me immortal”.

“I see you, choose you, purpose you, love you and lose myself on the occasion of your love”.

“IF I had a thousand liI love you beyond any limit and your reflection in my eyes ball some thousand springs of love”.

“You are my life, my love, no doubt I choose you because there is no life without you”.

“Love is the name of delight, emotional attachment, and taste of life, I feel it meet you”.

“Twisting of your body, saying of your hair, the twinkling of your eyes, refreshing me by forgetting Folder Hippo all worries and enjoy the warmth of your love, I love you”.

“The loveliest pleasure, the bitters enemy is love”. Baley

“The initial sight of love is the last stage of wisdom”.

“Our last and first love is self-love”. Antoin

“Love is one of the kindest things in the world and I FEEL IN AFTER FALLING YOUR EYES”.

“Love is an entire world of sentiments and you are the queen of this world”.

“The brightest light that enlightens my ways is a reflection of your eye”.

Souls meet by the meeting of lips”.

“Your love is mine and my world is thin”.

“The true lovers are one in souls, two in bodies”.

“You are my whole world and I am the lord of this world to enjoy all the beauties of my lands”.

“Your love makes me free from all bondage of trifling and wisdom. I love you limitless”.

“You open the windows of my soul and enlighten me with the rays of your love, catch me in the reflection of your eyes, make me immortal”.

“Your sincere love originates me and I felt the meaning of my breath”.

“My heart is overflowing with the beaming of your love”.

“You are my pretty, flamboyant flower, I am your circling worm with a lot of love”.

“I love Lilly, its pure beauty, its air dancing, lost myself as you are my sweet Lilly”.

“Your love travel in me like a lake appear and lost in the sea”.

“The milky light of the moon makes the dark night bright, your passionate love shatters my dark loneliness”.

“A wise man wouldn’t dislike being burnt in the furnace of your love, lets come and burn me, make my gold”.

“The universe got color from the rainbow of your body, I love to shower in the rain, love you”. sentiment”.

“You are moonlight, heavenly fairy, poetry for poets, I felt mad to see you and love you”.

“Your entrance in my life, broke out springs of colors, awake your physical need, and complete my life”.

“Your love is precious than Dimond, which shines in my heart and make me a bright sun of love light”.

“I afraid of love, after to see you, talk to you, fall in love you and plunge another fear to lose you”.

“A thousand splendid sun never eclipse the light os true love”.

“Your Love is a drug, I am your junky”.

“Love is the sweet fancy and the severest reality of life”.


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