Deceiving Quotes On Love. Deceive is one of the worst habits that is poisonous more than snake sting. Deceiver considers himself over claver but actually, he is the foolish man because he is a bitter enemy of himself who lost peace of heart and soul for a minor worldly advantage. Sincere people always successful and no now can defeat them, it may possible that they have to face timely harm but they always remain satisfied in their life. Satan is the companion of a deceiver who is the worst friend but a sincere man has the companionship of the power of God. The people who get the will of God, they do not need people. Here are 20 deceive quotes that beat the heart of the people who are deceived but they are winners in practical life. It is also noteworthy that do not share your secret with others even your friend because no one can know the heartly cunning from the face of others.

Kill someone but do not deceive her/him.

Trust maintains the way of the deceiver


The deceiver is a doubled faced and doubled hearted person.

Discover is the companion of satan.

Blind belief gives birth to a deceiver.

Deceive comes back in the worst form.

Foolish people deceive others but wise save themselves from being foolish.

Deception is a bitter enemy of sincerity.

Loves everyone but trust only God.

Buried your secrets in the graveyard of heart.


Love is the easiest way to deceive others.

Love is poison for a sincere person.

A bitter friend is like a snake who sting when you rely on him completely.

Starting days of a deceiver are best but last, are worst

Never deceive sincere friend, his sigh will destroy your life.

Deceiver burns in the fire that is flamed out by himself.

Love and hate are two-sided but deceiving is a one-sided enemy.

Don’t trust oily tongue and rosy faces.


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